Tribute to Fairy Tales

Ombre Belle

My twist on Belle’s classic ballgown. Ombre is my favorite technique, so I wanted to include it here. It’s most prominent in the pleated georgette swags, and there’s a slight airbrushed ombre in the middle panel of the bodice. Tulle, georgette, and hand-made ribbon flowers adorned with pearls and gems decorate the neckline. An ornate, metallic gold lace decorates the middle bodice and the hem of the tulle layer of the skirt. Each swag is pleated onto a gold satin ribbon ending in gold roses. An antiqued golden bronze necklace completes the look.


Esmeralda’s skirt and accessories! This commissioned piece includes a purple petticoat to keep the costume full, a periwinkle circle skirt that flares out when dancing, a simple head scarf, and an elaborate embroidered skirt scarf trimmed in real metal coins.



This has always been one of my favorite costumes. It’s simple, but the sparkle is enchanting. I layered a heavily sequined silver fabric underneath a sheer purple netting encrusted with tiny rainbow gems. To add even more sparkle, I stitched many sequins, paillettes, pearls, beads, gems, etc. along the bust and slit in the skirt. I felt like she needed an accessory, so I created a starfish hair comb encrusted with lots of sparkling things :) I photographed it in different types of lighting because it really transforms depending on the light.

Ariel Wig

Ariel (Little Mermaid) Wig

Ariel's Sail Dress

Ariel’s Sail Dress from The Little Mermaid ~ This ensemble was sewn entirely by hand! I also distressed and airbrushed the costume to look like the sail and rope were worn and aged by the sea. Ariel’s ensemble changes a bit in this scene from something very bulky and unflattering ( ) to something that looks like a very modern dress ( ) — I’ve seen the ‘modern’ version done a bit, but it’s just too simple and unrealistic for my taste… yet I didn’t want to go full-on copying the unflattering look. I went somewhere in-between and tried to put my spin on it. It closes in the back with snaps – the ropes are hidden behind the muslin to look like they wrap around, but they’re actually separate pieces so it’s easy to get into the dress! This will be for sale after I use it for a photoshoot.

The Evil Queen

Commission inspired by the ensemble the evil queen wears in episode 3×02 (“Lost Girl”) of Once Upon a Time. A vinyl corset belt, delicate silver & black webbing at the sleeve ends, and a leathery reptilian textured fabric throughout.

Red Riding Hood

A recreation of Ruby/Red’s ensemble from “Once Upon a Time”. The corset is made from a brown and gold ribbed fabric, trimmed with black and red lace, and decorated with gold flossing. The creamy cotton peasant blouse has chantilly lace in the center and inlaid in the sleeves. The heavy velvet cape is made from the same fabric used on the original costume, and boasts a luxurious scarlet silky lining.