Contracts & Terms & Conditions

Enchanted Sea Commission Policies*

(with explanations in blue)

Payment Policies

Artist accepts payments by personal check or money order paid to “Kaedra Herink”. Artist will accept payments via PayPal but there will be an additional fee per transaction.

^ Just like when you get a discount for paying cash instead of credit at a gas station, or, when shops have a minimum purchase amount when using credit, I also need to keep up with expenses and fees for my very small business. So, if you would like the convenience of PayPal, there will be a small fee for it, as I get charged fees too.

As the Artist only accepts a limited amount of commissions per year, the Customer understands this project is a commitment between both parties. The Artist agrees to provide the project by the specified deadline, and the Customer agrees to pay for the project in its’ entirety.

^ Basically— please take this seriously. I don’t make a lot of money, and if someone cancels just because they feel like cancelling, it really impacts me financially and hurts me badly.

If you are late on a payment, or sending measurements, or sending the mockup back, there is a $10 fee for each day it’s late. (A week late payment is a $70 fee).

^ I depend on your money for my own bills. Please try to pay on time.


Commission Process

The Artist will provide the Customer with a custom measurement chart to be filled out. Customer agrees to fill out the chart as accurately as possible, with current measurements. If the measurements are significantly different or inaccurate, the Artist may charge an additional fee for labor and materials to fix the discrepancy in sizing.

^ Send me your CURRENT MEASUREMENTS. Don’t send me the size you think you’ll be in a few months, or anything like that. Don’t plan to lose or gain weight. If you want to discuss options for this, I might be able to tweak a few things to make it more adjustable, but only that can go so far.

If the measurements are significantly different or greatly inaccurate, the deadline for the project may not be met due to delays. This is an extreme circumstance and a rare occurrence.

^ If I have to send you ten mockups because you change size so frequently, it’s going to cost you. Typically I’ll send one mockup, maybe two. Sometimes in rare menswear cases to get tailoring perfect, three mockups. But anything beyond a second mockup usually means you have changed size or something’s wrong!

The Customer agrees to either (A) not significantly change in body size to the point where the final garment made to the original measurements does not fit; or (B) if the Customer does change size, they do not hold the Artist responsible for fitting issues. The Artist will not be liable to change or refund the final garment because of weight loss or weight gain, as the Artist makes the final garment to the original measurements sent by the Customer.

^ It’s easier to just not change size. This is basically saying, don’t sue me or demand a refund if I made you a garment for your size, and then you changed size by the time you got the garment. That just isn’t fair.

Upon receipt of the second payment, the project will begin within the range of dates outlined in this contract. If a mockup for a garment is needed, the Artist will send the mockup to the Customer via mail. The Customer will try on the mockup, provide photographs, and discuss the fit with the Artist. The Artist will then tell the Customer to ship the mockup back. The customer agrees to ship the mockup back within seven (7) days of receiving the mockup.

^ This is just explaining the process – what you can expect of me, and what I expect of you. Seven days is plenty for trying on a mockup/discussing it with me and sending it back. I have a lot of customers and projects going on, and I do not like to deal with excessive delays. It’s for the better, for both of us! Make sure I give you the “green light” to send it back, though, and that I have all the information I need from you.

Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations

Artist will complete the project and strive to fulfill the Customer’s vision to the best of their ability.

^ I’m a perfectionist. I’m going to work hard. I’m going to make you as happy as I can. Just make sure you don’t have insane expectations that I cannot achieve. You’ve seen my work. I strive for quality and making you happy. I’ll jump through hoops for you. But also, I am not a superhuman :)

Customer understands that commissioning a custom garment to their own measurements, specifications, and needs makes the item(s) unique and specific to the Customer. The Customer is also paying for labor services and materials that have been used, both of which are non-refundable. Therefore the Customer agrees that all payments are non-refundable and all items are non-returnable.

^ I can’t resell a garment made to your unique measurements. We are all unique; we are not just a size Small or Xtra Large. Our proportions are different, our torso lengths are different, our combinations of measurements are different. You are unique. I’m not going to find another “you” to sell this item to. Therefore I cannot accept a return! If you have any issue though, I will do my best to make you happy. I don’t want to scare you off – this is simply in the contract to make sure people do not abuse the system. People will abuse anything they can if they are not restricted in some way.

Projects can only be cancelled by the Customer under extreme circumstances, and only in the time period between the deposit and the starting date of the project. Any payments made to the artist will be forfeited if a project is cancelled. No other cancellations are allowed.

^ I’ve got bills to pay; I need your commitment. Under an extreme circumstance, if you need to cancel after paying the deposit (and BEFORE the project begins), you can cancel, but you will not receive that deposit back. Please only use this in extreme situations.

The Artist may choose to cancel a project at their discretion or under extreme circumstances. If the Artist chooses to cancel the project, the deposit paid by the customer will be returned in full. This is the only situation that is an exception to the non-refundable payment policy.

^ I’m a small business always in need of money, so I will hardly ever cancel. I haven’t cancelled a project to date, actually. But if I break both of my hands or something, obviously I can’t make stuff. If it’s my fault, you’ll certainly get your deposit back!

International Customers

International customers are responsible for paying any customs, tariffs, or fees on their packages.

^ I have no clue what these fees will be, and it is your responsibility to know what they are and what you need to do to get your package :)


All orders over $50 will be insured. Artist will determine the shipping carrier and speed based on the shipping costs paid by the customer. Artist will discuss this with the customer before the item is shipped out, and give the customer a chance to upgrade (at their own cost) to a different shipping service/speed.

^ I will always discuss options with you. Sometimes shipping can come out differently if things have changed in the course of the project (item is heavier or lighter, larger or less bulky). We’ll discuss it before anything’s sent out. If you want to pay for rush shipping, I can do that for you too.


*These are just my general terms & conditions.  Things might be tweaked on your contract and you’ll also have an additional page relating to your specific project (what the project is, when you’ll pay the payments, how much each payment is, your deadline, etc). The contract’s not very long (your page is about 1 page long, and these terms & conditions are about 1.5 pages).

We’ll e-mail back and forth to fill in the contract to your needs (payment dates, payment amounts, deadlines).  Once I have a final contract, I send it to you to sign.

Then, you can either scan/email the signed form to me, or mail it back snail mail.

Once I receive it, I’ll sign this form myself.

Then I will scan the final signed contract and send you a digital copy for your records.