Wishing Gown Replica, Broadway Version – Details

Wishing Gown Replica, Broadway Version
Made in 2011

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Current state of the costume. A custom-made fabric was created via stenciling and spray paint (as I had no airbrush at the time). Trimmed with hundreds of yards of ribbons, lace, braids, and mini-tassels.  The sleeve engageantes have three layers: tulle with custom-dyed navy lace, a layer of white lace, and a layer of the turquoise pleated satin.  The collar has a variety of blue rose appliques.  The vest in the front is actually a ‘faux vest’; the bodice zips up in the back.


Etsy Listing

 Etsy listing can be found at my Etsy store.  If you’d like a discount and you would order through me personally (PayPal), I can discount you as much fees as Etsy charges me (somewhere in the realm of $35).  Please contact me personally if you’re interested.



(To give a more accurate representation of how it looks on a body rather than a mannequin)

Detail Photos



Costume can accomodate up to a 40″ bust (C cup), 34″ waist, and 42″ hip. Either these measurements or one size smaller would work fine.  I have a larger chest, so if you are more petite in that area you may need to pad it out.

It zips up in the back (does not have corset lacing), so it’s not too adjustable in sizing unfortunately.  I would highly recommend using a corset underneath because this bodice is not boned (there are a few bones in the faux vest in the front but not in the rest of the bodice).  The skirt also needs some sort of support/hoop for the skirt (more on that in other sections below).

This costume was made for myself, who is 5′ 4″ tall, but there’s a little wiggle room in height – I would suggest anywhere from 5’2″ to 5’6″ for a wearer.  Keep in mind a hoop skirt will make the fabric rise further off the ground, too.  I’m 5’4″ and with the hoop skirt the hem was perfect, but it’s a bit long if I put it on without a hoop.


More Costume Specifics / In-Depth Info

This was a personal costume I made for myself, and it was rushed for an event.  So much time was spent on making the pattern on the fabric that I had to take a lot of shortcuts in the actual construction of the garment.  I will highlight them below, although any ‘shortcut’ is not visible from the outside, only when putting the costume on will you notice it.

I had to make this costume fit in a carry-on so I made it in multiple pieces.  There is a skirt base (skirt piece A), an overskirt which has the front & side draperies (skirt piece B), and the waterfall drapery in the back (skirt piece C).  The bodice is also separate.  This is the order the pieces go on:

1. Corset & hoop skirt & bustle pad (NOT INCLUDED)
((photo posted just for reference))



2. Skirt piece A (has elastic in the back, and it has a wide opening to go over the
bustle and hoop skirt. The opening is hidden by the other draperies.)
The top wasn’t painted because it’s hidden by all the other layers.


3. Skirt piece B (Ties in the back at the top (adjustable),
and has a piece of elastic at the bottom back to hold the draperies in place.

Again, the opening is covered by the next skirt piece)


4. Skirt piece C (Ties in the FRONT (adjustable) – This is hidden when you put the bodice on (next step).)


5. Bodice (neatly covers all waistbands).

The bow in the back is detachable so you can get into the bodice easier.
There are snaps hidden in the bodice collar which were
supposed to hold a cloak in place.




I wore this costume once for an event, once for a photoshoot,
and it’s been displayed on a mannequin a few times.
It’s in great condition since it hasn’t been used often.


Pricing Comparison

A brand-new, custom-to-your-size Wishing gown ranges anywhere from $2000-$4000,
so if this costume’s close to your size, you’re getting a great deal. (Price for used costume is listed on Etsy)
Many hours of labor and love as well as a ton of supplies went into this costume.


What’s Included

–Detachable bodice bow
–Skirt Base (skirt piece A)
–Overskirts (skirt piece B)
–Waterfall Drapery (skirt piece C)



–Elliptical Victorian hoop skirt that holds up & shapes the skirt
(although I can link you where to buy one – it’s a special type
of hoop skirt that holds up a lot of weight in the back
–Bustle pad
–Any accessories seen in photoshoots



This costume was made a long time ago, before I had a lot of the sewing knowledge I have today.  It was also rushed, and made for myself, therefore I wasn’t as particular as I am with my commissioned costumes.

–The stenciling on the fabric isn’t perfect.  If you look from a few feet away you can’t tell, but inspecting it up close, it’s not perfect.  It was done by hand and rushed; some areas are crisper and some are not, etc.

–At the back of the costume, the two back panels which have the zipper on it – one of them is slightly longer at the hem (about 1/2″). Not noticeable at all, but I’m just being very thorough.

–Normal wear & tear has been mended. You might see evidence of this mending on the inside of the costume, but it’s not viewable from the outside.



Current State of the Costume

Please see the very first photo at the top of this page.


Thanks for your interest.
Feel free to contact me with any questions (enchantedseastudio [AT] gmail [DOT] com)